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Pride Battle Club

Leagues and countries battled in: Don’t Flop, King of the Ronalds, UKBL, Don’t Flop Australia.

Greatest moment as a battler: Winning the 2015 Top 8 tournament.

Favourite UK battler: O'Shea

Favourite international battler: Hollow Da Don

Favourite UK battle: Wizard vs Scizzahz

Favourite international battle: Hollohan vs Cortez

Why is your team the winning line-up? Versatility. The four of us have completely different styles and approaches to battling and as a team we have the most diverse skill-set in the league. We also have the hunger it takes to win the league. Although all four of us are (in the grand scheme of things) relatively fresh faces in UK battle rap, we have what it takes to beat anyone in the league, newcomer or veteran.