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Rivers aka RVRS LC

aka Lord Rivington of Gabsworth

Glory Battle Club

Leagues and countries battled in: Gift Of The Gab, Don’t Flop, King Of The Ronalds, UK Battle League, Bodied at the Fringe Festival

Favourite UK battler: Shuffle T or O’Shea

Favourite international battler: It changes all the time currently it’s between Rum Nitty and Shotgun Suge but it’s been Illmac, Clips, Diz, Daylyt and Tay Roc in the past.

Favourite UK battle: One of Shuffle T and Marlo’s many classics

Favourite international battle: Too many to choose but I enjoy Quest McCody and Marvwon cookin’ up Chess and Steams or T-Top killing The Saga.

Why is your team the winning line-up? Because, Gemini aside, none of us are respected as we should be thus putting us in the underdog bracket. Unlike the other squads we won’t be relying on popularity to help add gas to mediocre jokes and over-used generic concepts.