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Mandrill Mob

Leagues and countries battled in: Don’t Flop, Chalked Out, Code Red, King Of The Ronalds, Clash Money, Stand Tall, Words Are Weapons, K140 in UK; Oil City Battles in Norway.

Greatest moment as a battler: Our second round against Shuffle and Marlo in the 2-on-2 title match.

Favourite UK battler: Soul

Favourite international battler: Hollow Da Don, currently

Favourite UK battle: O’Shea vs Sprungy

Favourite international battle: Currently Hollow Da Don Vs Charlie Clips

Why is your team the winning line-up? We have O’Shea and Lunar, two of the best to ever do it, alongside Me Matter and P Solja, all of us have extensive experience and have all battled at top level. Plus four out of five of us are West Yorks.